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Now you have a friend in the bud business

About Us

We at MYTHCBUDDY.COM have a passion to find great THC products at a great value and share with people who will truly enjoy them.  We have a goal of providing a path for people to experience THC products that they may otherwise have not had an opportunity, or felt they could afford to try. Then, watching that aha moment when they discover something they really enjoy.

More personal, I love a great deal and I love to share good things or good times with others.  I get overjoyed when helping others discover a new experience that provides additional wellness, happiness, pleasure, and joy in their lives.  I love sharing my positive experiences with others in hopes they may find them equally as enjoyable.  The reason I started MYTHCBUDDY.COM is that I love finding great deals on great products and sharing them with others.

May You Find Calm Waters,

Jeff Hill


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