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Now you have a friend in the bud business

Alt Cannabinoid Guide

Meet Your New Buddy

Welcome to the world of noids and Cnoids, brought to you by MyTHCBuddy. Let’s dive into the characteristics of these popular compounds.


The Stars of the Show

    • HHCP-O: The big-hitter that lasts the distance. You’ll feel super relaxed, mentally chilled, and it’s kind of like a strong d9 edible. Price-wise? It’s a deal. Just remember, the quality can vary a bit.

    • HHC-P: Another powerhouse. This one gives a relaxing, mellow high, much like an edible. It’s priced decently most of the time.

    • Delta 9: Hey, we all know this guy. Good ol’ weed. Enough said.

    • THCP-O: Strong, long-lasting, and gives a floaty, dreamlike sensation. And yep, well priced.

    • D9 THC-P: Strong and has a pretty decent duration. It’s an energizer that sparks creativity. But, heads up, it’s kinda hyped.

The Reliable Crew

    • HHC: D9’s cousin. It feels similar but with around two-thirds the power and a calming edge.

    • D9 THC-O: It’s a dreamy, floaty type of high. Pair it with other noids to get the best out of it. Slow to start and wind down.

    • THC-B: Quick and thick. It’s a unique blend that’s perfect to kickstart your mix.

    • THC-H: Strong and a bit stimulating. Kinda feels all over the place.

    • HHC-H: Strong and way more mellow than THC-H. Expect some face tingles.

The Chill Group

    • D8 THC-P: It’s a midpoint between D9 THC-P and HHC-P with a deeper body relaxation. And the pricing? Getting better.

    • HHC-O: Takes a while to kick in, but once it does, it’s a tad stronger than HHC. Oh, and there’s a bit of a funky taste – blend it wisely.

    • 8-OH-HHC: A bit of a challenge to work with, but has a quick effect similar to HHC edibles. Though, might be a touch pricey.

Cool Casuals

    • THC-O: It has a dreamy essence. Pairs well with D8, but can feel a tad shallow on its own.

    • Delta 8: Instant, cerebral, and affordable. Though, it loves company, especially THC-O.

Give It A Pass

    • Delta 6a10a: Commonly known as D10. Honestly? Many find it weak and not really worth the hype.

Cnoid MVPs

    • CBC: Calming, thin, and fantastic for blending. It’s like CBD’s big brother.

    • CBDo: Enhances blends with its dreamlike qualities. Perfect for anxiety relief.

    • H4CBD: This one’s strong and gives you a super relaxed feeling. Just a heads up, it’s pretty thick, so you might need to thin it out for carts.

The Solid Line-up

    • CBT: Unique and scatterbrained. An excellent choice for blending.

    • CBD-V: The ideal noid for focus without too much pep. Suits those with anxiety.

    • CBNo: Super sleep-inducing, but takes a while to hit the mark. Also great for anxiety.

Reliable Regulars

    • CBG: Energizing and great for curbing those munchies. Perfect for focus.

    • CBN: Your go-to for sleep and relaxation. Also helps with anxiety.

    • CBD: The popular kid on the block. Versatile and excellent for various issues, from pain to anxiety.

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